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Bases made under the strictest food safety measures

Real Base

Delicious butter flavor gives us our real base.  The base is made of 100% natural butterfat, which will help create flavors with a great creamy consistency and an unbeatable flavor worthy of the finest ice creams in the market.


Total Fat 16%

Monarca Base

The perfect balance between natural ingredients will create endless flavors.  This base is made of butterfat and is a great combination that will give perfect creaminess, flavor, and performance.  This is the favorite base for the Mexican palate and ideal for final consumption.


Total Fat 14%

Imperial Base

With its careful preparation and high milk content, this base is one hundred percent natural and is ideal for creating the finest ice creams and popsicles, satisfying the most demanding palate either national or international.


Total Fat 13%

Reyna Base

This base is perfect for American type ice cream.  The base production is made from the highest quality raw materials and a high milk content, which makes its natural flavor easy to mix with other ingredients to create perfect balances of flavor and texture.  This also brings a high performance in its products.


Total Fat 15%

Corona Base

Due to its high milk content and a combination of butterfat and vegetable fat, this base gives the option to create rich flavors for ice creams, popsicles and aguas frescas with the highest quality results.

Condesa Base

If what you need is flavor, quality, and a good price, this base is the ideal one.  Made with low-fat milk, cream cheese, and vegetable fat, this is an excellent option to create affordable products of high quality.

Yogurt Real Base

This 100% natural yogurt base uses the best ingredients in milk, fat, and stabilizers to create a natural yogurt.  The advantage of this product is that it can  be used for soft ice cream, hard ice cream, or popsicles.  It is recommended to use 4 yogurt servings and 1 base portion for the ice cream..

Soft Ice Cream Base

Flavors:  Neutral, vanilla, and chocolate


The best base to create the “twist” ice cream is made of 100% natural vegetable fat and milk, a special style for the creation of soft ice cream with a variety of flavors, such as strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and others.

Bucket Presentation of 19L. (5 gal.) and Jar (2.5 gal.)

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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop, manufacture, and provide to our clients and stakeholders, products of the highest quality and food safety.  Implementing a quality and food safety management system  allows us to have a plan for production, logistics and identified risk control.


We are continually improving our processes and motivating our organization’s personnel to commitment at all times and a sense of belonging  .


Our Vision

Our vision is to become a national leader based on quality and innovation of the products and services offered, generating stability, growth and well-being for our employees.  We are always looking for innovation of new products to an increasingly demanding market.

Certification HACCP

in Food Safety


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Created Bases with the highest quality to achieve unique flavors on your ice creams, popsicles, desserts and flavored beverages.

Quality and Food Safety Policy

In La Real Michoacana Industries, the commitment is and always will be a continued implementation of quality management systems and food safety through qualified personnel to establish the product manufacturing process such as ice cream bases, chocolate toppings, and popsicles, that guarantee our clients the highest quality and food safety.


Establishing joint actions to:

  • Promote ongoing improvement.

  • Achieve the requirements of interested parties.

  • Monitor and control identified risks.

  • Promote the organizational well-being and its environment through team work.


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